May 19, 2021

Alberta Minister of Energy Sonya Savage announced that the provincial Cabinet has granted an extension until July 30, 2021 for Alberta Inquiry Commissioner Steve Allan to complete his work and file his final report with the Government of Alberta.

Statement by Alberta Inquiry Commissioner Steve Allan on court ruling in judicial review of Alberta Inquiry

May 14, 2021

The Honourable Justice Karen Horner of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta has upheld the legal foundation of the Alberta Inquiry, which is examining foreign funding of anti-Alberta energy campaigns. In a court hearing today, Justice Horner dismissed, in its entirety, the Ecojustice application to stop the Inquiry. Ecojustice had alleged that the Inquiry was instructed and convened for improper purpose, was not constitutional, and that the Inquiry’s conduct was subject to a reasonable apprehension of bias.

Justice Horner determined that the Ecojustice application failed on all three grounds, finding that the Inquiry is properly convened and directed, was not subject to a reasonable apprehension of bias and is constitutionally valid. She also observed that she had no doubt that Alberta Inquiry Commissioner Steve Allan has the required qualifications and experience to conduct and finish the Inquiry with complete integrity.

“I welcome this affirmation and look forward to continuing the work of the Alberta Inquiry,” Commissioner Steve Allan said after hearing Justice Horner’s ruling.


Steve Allan

Commissioner, Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns

Statement by Commissioner Steve Allan on Alberta Inquiry schedule.

January 29, 2021

The Alberta Inquiry has requested and received permission to extend the schedule for submitting its Final Report to Alberta’s Minister of Energy to May 31, 2021. We are pleased to have this extension as it allows us to complete the Participants for Response process, a fundamental component of the Inquiry established in the Rules of Procedure and Practice in September 2020. It has always been our intention to engage with persons who may be subject to a finding of misconduct or the subject of a materially adverse factual finding such that they be afforded an opportunity to respond. This extension allows us to undertake and complete the Inquiry’s processes in a timely and fair manner. The Inquiry has required and undertaken a thorough and detailed review of voluminous material covering a time frame of about 20 years, which has been made all the more complex by the COVID-19 pandemic and related public health advisories. Regrettably this has resulted in delays. Requests for extensions to the original schedules of public inquiries, regardless of the mandate, are not unusual. We are focused on completing this matter as expeditiously as possible. The Inquiry’s budget is unchanged at $3.5 million.

Steve Allan

Commissioner, Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns

The Commissioner has made a ruling on the Application regarding the Package of Materials for Commentary

January 29, 2021

Participant for Commentary segment closed

January 13, 2021

The Inquiry has closed its consideration of applications for standing as a Participant for Commentary as of January 29, 2021. Once all responses from Participants for Commentary are received, the Inquiry will assess the contributions contained in the responses, and may decide to release some or all of the responses into the public record.

Update on the Engagement Process - January 15, 2021

Update on the Engagement Process - January 13, 2021

Engagement Process Outlined for Alberta Public Inquiry into Foreign Funding of Energy Campaigns – September 14, 2020

Alberta Public Inquiry into anti-energy campaigns schedule extended to hear from funding entities – June 25, 2020


Interim Report delivered to government – January 31, 2020